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The story behind who we are

In the early 1500’s when Ponce de Leon was looking for the Fountain of Youth, his crew came across a small island in the Caribbean littered with bones. They called the island “Cayo Hueso,” or “Bone Island” in Spanish.  Over time the name of the island slowly changed from Cayo Hueso to Key West, as we know it today.  The history of Key West can be described as a colorful one. From at one time being the wealthiest city in the United States, to being the home of some of the greatest American artists and authors, to a critical location in global political events; The history of our small island is something to be proud of. We like to honor that history and showcase how unique our island home is, which is why we call ourselves Cayo Hueso Brewing.



Everyone has a story, learn about our beginning

Tucked away on Stock Island, the last bit of Old Key West, you will find Cayo Hueso Brewing, the brainchild of local native Jorge Quintana. After a decade of brewing beer in his garage, Jorge decided to take the leap and make his passion a profession. Cayo Hueso Brewing is his vision of an island brewery built on the edge of paradise. “Paradise Unfiltered” is our brewing philosophy and we focus on brewing beers here in Key West that highlight what authentic island living means to us.

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